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Welcome! This is where you can sign up for one of Ray Swartz's Salem history tours.​ There are three tours of different lengths.

Walking Tours

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Who is Ray Swartz?

I am a licensed Salem tour guide. My background is science and engineering and I also worked three years as a teacher at Brookline High School. I moved to Salem nine years ago and after I retired, I became fascinated by the local history and not just the Witch Trials. I paid my dues as a guide on the Salem Trolley for three years. I started giving walking tours on my own, and in 2023 I expanded to three different tours. 


I do not believe in ghosts. I believe in giving you the most accurate, multifaceted history of this place including how it became the Halloween capital of the world. Since I am a local, I point out the best restaurants and other aspects of today's Salem.

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What would you like to know more about?

Early America: Puritans and the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

Injustice: The Salem Witch Trials.

Wealth: Salem became the richest city in America for thirty years.

Adventure: Sailing ships, captains, pirates, gold and silver, the Far East.

Architecture: Hundreds of great-looking very old houses.

Revolution: The American War of Independence started in Salem.

Murder and Decline: The most infamous murder in American history.

Today: Salem is the home of over two thousand real witches.

Today: Salem is the Halloween capital of the world.

Today: Salem is a foodie destination with over thirty great bars and restaurants.

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